Sponsorship options

We are inviting you to work with us to grow digital humanities researchers that are “digitally human, and artificially intelligent” to accelerate advancements in Digital Humanities scholarship and practice within the Southern African region. If you or your company want to be a part of DHASA2021, we have a few interesting options for you.

Your support will allow us to:

  1. Keep registration costs low so people are not priced out of attending (note that we try to keep the costs as low as possible to allow as many interested people to attend);
  2. Maximize participation by people from diverse geographies and communities that are digitally-disadvantaged within the Southern African region;
  3. Provide resources to enable the presentation of awards to deserving researchers and postgraduate students, which will serve as a motivation to do more in the Digital Humanities space within the Southern African region.

We provide different packages that are tailored to support you supporting us:

Digital Humanities Association of Southern Africa